Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Vident iSmart900 to Reset Oil Light Guide

Vident iSmart900 allow you to do oil reset operation for vehicle.Here videntshop.co.uk show you how to use Vident iSmart900 to reset oil light.

Built connection between vehicle and Vident iSmart900,and enter the service and maintenance operations to select “Oil Service”,it can be found under the main diagnostic menu.But in most of the case, are under the specific control module.

Oil service reset methods are determined by the vehicle being tested.
Typically there are three methods:
1.Oil Reset With One Button
2.Manual Reset
3.Auto Reset

Oil Reset With One Button
To do Oil Reset With One Button on a 2016 VW passenger car:
Slide the screen to tap Oil Life Reset from the diagnostic menu. Select the type of reset applicable to your car and tap the function key OK to continue or Cancel key to return to the Oil Reset menu.

Follow on-screen instruction and send a command to reset oil service. A screen with “Success” message displays once the lamp has been reset. Tap any key to return.

Manual Reset Oil Light
Almost all Asian vehicles and most American and European vehicles have mechanical oil service indicator reset. The service tool does not have to communicate with the vehicle being tested, but guides you to complete the service manually by providing step-by-step on-screen instructions. When Manual Reset is selected and the vehicle being tested identified, a procedure opens on the screen. Slide the screen to read the entire procedure and performing the necessary steps as directed by the on-screen instructions.The exact order of the test operation steps may vary depending on the test vehicle. Be sure to follow all on-screen instructions.This manual reset procedure can be interrupted and aborted if the ignition key position is changed.

To do oil reset manually:
1.Select Engine Control Module and follow the on-screen menu to select Oil Interval Reset.
2.The following procedure screen displays.

3.Follow all on-screen instructions to perform the manual mechanical reset.
4.Tap OK key to return.

Auto Reset Oil Light
Auto Reset is a bi-directional communication procedure directed by the service tool. The service tool displays guides for you through the process. A number of instructions that require a response to continue display, including an option to clear any stored codes once the interval has been reset. Follow the on-screen instructions.


Thursday, September 20, 2018

Vident iSmart900 Manually Locate a Required Control System

This article show you to how use Vident iSmart900 to  locate a required control system manually for testing through a series of choices.Simply follow the menu driven procedure, and make proper selection each time; the program will guide you to the diagnostic function menu after a few choices you’ve made.

To select a system for testing:
1. Select Control Unit from the menu and a controller menu displays.
2. Select the system you would like to test. When the scanner has established connection with the vehicle, the Function Menu displays.


Vident Tech Article from:Vident iSmart900 Manually Locate a Required Control System

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

How to Use Vident iLink400 to Read I/M Readiness Status Data?

Vident iLink400 I/M Readiness option allows to view a snapshot of the operations for the emission system on OBDII/EOBD vehicles.

I/M Readiness is a useful function used to check if all monitors are OK or N/A. The vehicle’s computer performs tests on the emission system during normal driving conditions. After a specific amount of drive time (each monitor has specific driving conditions and time required), the computer’s monitors decide if the vehicles emission system is working correctly.

When the monitor’s status is:
  OK - vehicle was driven enough to complete the monitor.
  INC (Incomplete) - vehicle was not driven enough to complete the monitor.
  N/A (Not Applicable) - vehicle does not support that monitor.

There are two types of I/M Readiness tests:
Since DTCs Cleared - shows status of the monitors since the DTCs were last cleared.This Drive Cycle - shows status of monitors since the start of the current drive cycle.

There are two ways to retrieve I/M Readiness Status data:
One-click VIDENT iLink 400 I/M readiness key
Typical way: select I/M Readiness from Diagnostic Menu
To retrieve I/M Readiness Status data by one-click I/M readiness key:
1. Press the One-Click I/M Readiness Key on the keypad and the following screen displays.

2. Colored LED and build-in beeper provide both visual and audible reminders for emission check and DTCs. Below is the interpretation of the LED and build-in beeper.
When the LED is :
$ Green - Indicates that engine systems are “OK” and working properly (the number of Monitors equipped with the vehicle which have run and performed their self-diagnostic testing is in the allowed range. MIL is off. ).No stored and pending DTCs exist. The vehicle is ready for an Emissions Test.
$ Yellow - The tool finds a possible problem. It indicates the following two conditions:
(1) Pending DTCs exist. Please check the I/M Readiness test result screen and use the
Read Codes function to view detailed codes information.
(2) Some of the vehicle’s emission monitors have not working properly. If the I/M
Readiness screen shows no DTC (including pending DTC), but the Yellow LED is
still illuminated, it indicate a “Monitor Has Not Run” status.
$Red- Indicates some problems exist with one or more of the vehicle’s system, and the vehicle is not ready for an Emissions Test. As well there are DTCs found. The MIL lamp on the vehicle’s instrument panel will light steady. The problem that is causing the illumination of Red LED should be fixed before an Emissions Test or driving the vehicle further.

The built-in beeper works with the colored LED simultaneous, as an assistance to reflect the I/M Readiness test results:
 Green - two long beeps.
 Yellow - short, long, short beeps.
 Red - four short beeps.

To retrieve I/M Readiness Status data :
1. Scroll with UP/DOWN key to highlight I/M Readiness from Diagnostic Menu and press the OK key. If vehicle supports both types of monitors, a screen for monitor type selection displays.
Select a monitor type and press the OK key.
2. If the vehicle is tested supports both types of monitors, following screen displays.

3. Depending on readiness test, one of these 2 screens will be present. Use the up and down arrow keys to scroll through data. Press the ESC key to exit.


Source from VIDENT,How to Use Vident iLink400 to Read I/M Readiness Status Data?

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

How to Buy Extra Software for Vident iLink400?

VIDENT iLink400 is authorized with one free software when delivery and can cover up to six vehicle makes.More software can be added anytime at extra cost. You can contact the reseller or following the steps below to buy extra software.

VIDENT iLink400 Extra Software:
1. Log in at our website www.videnttech.com and go to your Member Center, click Registered Products.

Find the iLink400 serial number you wish to adds extra software and click the Software Details

You will see all software already installed on this tool as well as all software available to add.Select the software you need and click Add To Cart button.

You can manage your shopping cart by clicking Delete to delete the software that you don’t need or click Continue Shopping to go back to Member Center page to add more into the cart.

Continue to process the payment and check out through Paypal.

Log in the update client iScanzilla. When the payment has been made successfully, the software you purchased would be listed in the available updates list for you to download.